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Sidey Lake, a Potomac Falls Community Resource

Status of Sidey Lake

Sidey Lake is for the express enjoyment of homeowners in Potomac Falls. Neighbors can access Sidey Lake via easements on both Cripplegate Road and Pleasant Hill Drive.  There is also a path to the C&O Canal, Potomac River and Great Falls Park.   Come on down and enjoy your neighborhood lake!

John McDonald's Grandson, BrianThe lake is an ideal environment for gentle boating recreation, fishing, birding, hiking and enjoying nature. Unfortunately, Sidey Lake has been filling up with silt.  Once the silt rises to a level which supports wetland life, remediation will no longer permitted by the EPA.  Many residents and environmental advisors believe a viable lake enhances the lives and value of the community.

Sidey Lake Restoration Requires Additional Funding

Ed Carr and Matt Nolan, long time residents and stewards of the lake, identified the increasing silt problem.  Neighbors contributed $55,000 to study the problem and the result is a proposal for silt removal, as the first step of two phases.  Phase I postpones the continued formation of wetlands and Phase II, which involves stream restoration, will virtually eliminate the problem altogether. 

Most of the funding of $550,000 for Phase I has been raised from a small group of neighbors, and the lake association is now appealing for broader participation.  The lake and its surrounding area are managed by the Potomac Falls Nature Conservation and Educational Association, Inc., a 501c (3).  Your contributions are tax deductible.

Support Sidey Lake, A Green Project

The lake association is asking Potomac Falls homeowners to consider making a contribution to Phase I of this green project in our neighborhood.  Contributions of any size are welcome.  Contributions should be made directly to:

Potomac Falls Nature Conservation and Educational Association, Inc., a 501 c(3)

10 Stanmore Court, Potomac, MD 20854

Attn: Ed Carr

History of Sidey Lake

The lake was created by the Miller Development Company in the 1960’s, as part of the development of Potomac Falls.  The lake and its surrounding banks are a 10.7 acre home to bass, bluegills, carp, turtles, frogs, salamanders and snakes.  Seasonal visitors to the lake include blue herons, hawks, eagles, osprey, ducks, geese, cormorants, deer, raccoon's and an occasional beaver.  It was named Sidey Lake after Hugh Sidey, a long term resident, a renowned journalist, and one of the founders of the lake association.

Phase I Remediation Begins in 2016

A project plan was submitted to various state, federal and local agencies and all permits necessary for Phase I have been granted.  The project must be completed within a year of the permit issuance. Angler Environmental,  a project contractor, conducted the study phase and will execute Phase I.  The project will take 3-4 weeks to complete and is expected to start in late Spring or early Summer of 2016.

Potomac Falls Homeowners Association, PO Box 59143, Potomac, MD 20859

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