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Potomac Falls Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Potomac Falls Homeowners Association (PFHA)

  • What are the benefits of PFHA membership?

    In addition to contributing to the overall security, common area beautification, and capital improvements in the neighborhood, each member receives a copy of the annual membership directory, security decals for mailbox and vehicles, member access to this website, email newsletters and bulletins, and invitations to PFHA social events.

  • Are homeowners required to pay PFHA dues?

    No, but the vast majority of residents participates out of a sense of shared responsibility to this community.

  • How much are annual dues and when are they due?

    Membership dues have been set at $750 per year for several years now. They are due on December 1 each year. Additional contributions are always gratefully accepted, of course.

  • What are membership dues used for?

    The largest expenditure of the PFHA budget is for security services, followed by common-area landscape improvement and maintenance.  The association also pays for lighting and irrigation at the entrances, publishing the annual membership directory, the website and newsletters, insurance and accounting.  Social events, while organized and sponsored by PFHA, are self-supporting.

  • How do I contact PFHA?

    Email admin@potomacfallshoa.org or send mail to PFHA, PO BOX 59143, Potomac, MD 20859  (Different zip code is correct)


Lake Association 

  • Where is the lake and can I use it?

    Sidey Lake, named after long-time Potomac Falls resident and founding lake steward Hugh Sidey, is our community lake, located at the border to Great Falls Park. Access points are at the bottom of Pleasant Hill Drive, and at 11001 Cripplegate Road.  For the past 46 years the Lake Association, a legal entity officially named the Potomac Falls Nature Conservation and Education Association (PFNCE) and its volunteers have maintained the lake for the Potomac Falls community to enjoy. The Lake Association maintains insurance, cuts the grass, clears fallen trees, and conducts periodic cleanup and water quality tests.
  • How much are Lake Association dues?

    There are two categories of membership in the Lake Association:  Lake Members, who live on the lake proper, and Associate Members, who do not abut the lake, but make use of the common areas.  We ask Lake Members for a contribution of at least $700 and Associate Members to consider a minimum contribution of $100 annually.  Of course, we are overjoyed to receive those $1000+ donations from our “super donors.”  Please send your check, made payable to “PFNCE Association” at 10904 Stanmore Drive, Potomac, MD 20854.

Potomac Falls Homeowners Association, PO Box 59143, Potomac, MD 20859

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