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Potomac Falls is a premier neighborhood in the heart of Potomac, Maryland. Its 262 homes, set on minimum 2-acre lots along tree-lined streets, define gracious estate living in a family-friendly community. The peaceful neighborhood borders the beautiful C&O National Park and yet is only one mile from Potomac Village and close to the Nation's Capital.

HistoryPotomac Falls Ad in the 1960's

The Potomac Falls community was established in 1960, when William C. & Allison N. Miller purchased 800 acres of magnificent rolling acres that is today known as Potomac Falls. Under their construction building expertise, more than 200 homes on a minimum of two-acre lots were built. Today, there are 262 home sites here, and Potomac Falls enjoys a reputation as one of the most beautiful and sought after neighborhoods in our region. Some properties here are now undergoing major change, yet the community still maintains its original character.

The oldest home in Potomac Falls is the Samuel Ford House, circa 1887, located on Cripplegate Road. It is believed that the house served as the assayer's office for the gold mines in the area. The office was believed to be in the cellar with bars on the windows and 18-inch walls, to keep the gold safe.

Many aspects of life in Potomac have changed since the days when the Millers built our homes, but the genuine friendliness and community spirit of Potomac Falls does not change.  It is a special place offering serenity and safety in a family environment with immediate access to the Nation's Capital and its many wonderful resources.


Potomac Falls Homeowners Association (PFHA)

Founded in the spring of 1968, the Potomac Falls Homeowners Association (PFHA) is a nonprofit corporation, whose programs and services are supported through annual membership dues.  Every household in the neighborhood is eligible, though not required, to become a PFHA member.  The association is run by an 11-person Board of Directors, which is elected by current PFHA members. We invite all neighbors to become members and get involved in the association’s activities.

The primary responsibilities of the board are to manage the following:

  • Common-area maintenance and landscaping. We also maintain the County property all along Falls Road.

  • Entrance plantings, irrigation and lighting.

  • Stonework and street sign maintenance and renovation.

  • Security patrol services, including extra surveillance while you are on vacation and identifying decals. Potomac is known as a very safe, low-crime community. Potomac Falls employs the services of a private security firm to provide an extra measure of peace of mind to residents.  The security service patrols the neighborhood each day and night at variable and undisclosed times.  Security car lights flash during patrol of neighborhood.

  • Social events and community activities (all fully self-funded), including an annual Julyth parade and picnic, a Halloween “Spooktacular” party for families, coffees, cocktail parties, potluck dinners, and an annual holiday cookie exchange party.

  • Neighborhood communications: this website with members-only access, e-mail updates, bi-monthly newsletter, and the annual membership directory.

  • County infrastructure issues (roads, trees, drainage, street lights, signs, etc). The PFHA serves as a liaison to local government, business, and community organizations.

  • Covenant issues - encouraging residents to stay true to the original intentions of the community.  Potomac Falls Covenants

  • Capital improvement funds for the future needs of the neighborhood.

Potomac Falls Nature Conservation and Education Association (Lake Association)

The approximately ten-acre lake parcel in Potomac Falls that borders the C&O National Park between Cripplegate, Pleasant Hill and Stanmore Court was part of the original development of Potomac Falls.  In the early 1960s, the developer constructed an earth dam to create a lake fed by two active streams.  In 1981, WC & AN Miller conveyed the lake parcel to the “Potomac Falls Nature Conservation and Education Association (now more generally known as the Lake Association).  The association was formed to take title to the lake parcel. 

Lake Association membership is made up of those homeowners whose property abut the lake parcel.  A primary condition of the transfer requires the Lake Association to maintain the property as a passive recreation amenity exclusively for owners of home in the Potomac Falls subdivision.  The Lake Association owns and manages the property, and is empowered to determine appropriate uses for the lake, establish rules and regulations for its use, and raise funds for maintenance.

Potomac Falls homeowner volunteers have maintained for the lake since the conveyance to PFCEA.    Those homeowners who wish to use the property are asked to pay an annual fee to help defer the costs of maintenance.  While not all homeowners choose to contribute, the income from the fees, plus additional larger contributions by some, have been sufficient to meet the costs incurred.  Information, including lake use rules and requests for contributions, are sent out annually to the community.

Today the lake has a well-established, natural, but somewhat fragile, ecosystem, and the dam is in sound condition.  It is a pleasant place to walk, fish, and enjoy the natural setting that is unique to a healthy small lake.  The lake is intended for passive recreation uses, such as walking, fishing, boating, and small daytime gatherings.  Walking access to the lake is through two easements, one from Pleasant Hill and the other from Cripplegate.

Potomac Falls Homeowners Association, PO Box 59143, Potomac, MD 20859

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